Kailey + Joshua / Old Ellicott City Wedding

When you met the love of your life at camp almost ten years ago and are finally getting married, the joy is pretty much palpable. That’s how it felt capturing Kailey and Joshua’s beautiful, overcast spring wedding day. We met up for some pre-ceremony photographs in Old Ellicott City, and I laughed when I saw Joshua get out of the car with a lint roller in his hand, casually erasing all evidence of the three kitties they have at home. As he was struggling to rip off the used lint paper, he looked at me and said wryly, “I can always rip this off so quickly - just not on my wedding day I guess.” The two of them are so at ease and happy in each other’s presence, it rubs off on everyone else. Kailey’s sister Meghan arrived with a gorgeous, colorful bouquet Meghan had made herself, and we spent a good hour capturing the “we’re-actually-getting-married” moments while family members arrived at the courthouse.

I really love observing the relationship between Kailey and Joshua. They’re clearly each other’s best friend. They know each other inside and out, stick by one another when it’s easier not to - and more than anything, they truly respect the other person and it really shows. I’m grateful I got to witness such an awesome, intimate wedding. Here’s a little peek into their day!